Knowing something about GPS

Know something about GPS
What is GPS?
It's a device used widely in cars, on smartphones and in fitness devices. But what exactly is GPS, and how is it able to pinpoint our exact location anywhere on Earth? How does it work? The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of up to32 satellites that orbit at a height of 26,600km above Earth. The satellites are owned by the US Department of Defense, but anyone can use the signals from those satellites, provided they have a receiver. For the receiver to work, it needs to be able to "see" four of the satellites. When you turn on your receiver, it may take a minute or so to locate these satellite signals, then to download data from the satellite before positioning can commence. Fundamentally, two things need to happen for this to work effectively: 1) The GPS receiver measures the distance from itself to a satellite by measuring the time a signal takes to travel that distance at the speed of light. 2) When the satellite's position is known, the GPS receiver knows it must lie on a sphere that has the radius of this measured distance with the satellite at its centre. The receiver need only intersect three such spheres, as seen in the image below. This process, known as trilateration, is an effective means of determining absolute or relative locations. But there's a problem. Although the GPS satellites have veryexpensive atomic clocks on board – and therefore know what time their signals are transmitted – the GPS receiver has a very cheap clock. That means there is uncertainty about the "receive" time. So, instead of three satellites, the GPS receiver must receive four, so it can account for what's known as the receiver clock drift. Courtesy:Indian Technocracy

Get a Soft Copy of Your Aadhar Card - E-Aadhar

Get a Soft Copy of Your Aadhar Card - E-Aadhar
Hey guyz,

Whoever have not got Aadhar card,and still wanna need it or use it.
So follow following step to get a valid soft copy of Aadhar Card.


And all you need is Enrollment no and the date and time of registering on Aadhar.
This is mentioned on you Aadhar card's receipt.

1. Enter Your Enrollment Number:
2. After that enter your Date and Time of Registration:
3. In Resident Name: Enter your Name and Surname as noted on Aadhar Card.
4. After that enter your PIN
5. At last enter CAPTCHA code given in that image.

This all complete verification.
Now its time of validation.Now you will display last 04 digit of your mobile number which you have given at the time of registration of Aadhar.
Or if you have changed your mobile or it may lost.Click on "No" button.And Enter your new mobile number.

Now One Time Password(OTP) will be sent on your mobile number.
Enter this for validation.

Now you will get a link to download your E-Aadhar.

Download your E-Aadhar.
Your area's PIN is the password of that pdf.

If it asks for validation,click here for more details of validation:

P.S.: Don't give your information to other. They          can get easily your Aadhar card with that           information and use it as proof on behalf on        them.

Create Your Website For Free - With Free Domain and Free Web Hosting

Create Your Website For Free - With Free Domain and Free Web Hosting
Hi Everyone,,,

If you are interested to have your own website,and with free hosting,then you can do after reading this.

Having website is a very good marketing tool for an Entrepreneur. And keeping this thing in mind, Govt. of India tied up with Google & Hostgator company to provide a way to new INDIAN entrepreneur to have a website so that he can develop his business.

There is a only valid limitation is that,you should have to give your PAN card no. or ur service tax bill no. to ensure that you are an INDIAN.

Firstly On that site you have to choose a available domain with ".in" extension,after that you have to fill all the details according you or your company.
And at last you have to configure your site.

If you have any problem in configuring your website,they're given support for you.Some PDFs are available for you to  guide how to improve your site to gain more customers and increase your business.

I insist all the entrepreneurs of India,utilize this utility and share with others so that more entrepreneurs will be available in India and ultimately Indian Economics will have a acceleration of growth, and which is very good for us to "Led India to A Developed Country."

Here is the link of this site:

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses

Standford University and Coursera company from United Kingdon(England) with 50 universities of U.K. offering free online courses under the name of MOOC(Mass Open Online Course).

If you are interested you can enroll with them.The syllabus is also superb that will brushup your old data and add high class data.And they are giving a certificate after successfull completion of the course. And this will definitely benifit at your campus as well as technical life.

I hope u all will like it.
So enjoy.
For course,click below link:


Facebook Shortcuts for Chrome and Firefox

◄◄◄◄◄ Facebook Shortcuts for Chrome ►►►►►

Alt + m--------> New Message Alt + 0 -------->Help Center Alt + 1--------> Home Page Alt + 2-------->Profile Page Alt + 3--------> Manage Friends List Alt + 4--------> Messages List Alt + 5--------> Notification Page Alt + 6--------> Account Settings Alt + 7--------> Privacy Settings Alt + 8--------> Facebook Fan Page Alt + 9--------> Facebook terms Alt + ?--------> Search Box

◄◄◄◄◄ Facebook Shortcuts for Firefox ►►►►►

Shift + Alt + m--------> New Message Shift + Alt + 0--------> Help Center Shift + Alt + 1--------> Home Page Shift + Alt + 2--------> Profile Page Shift + Alt + 3--------> Manage Friends List Shift + Alt + 4--------> Messages List Shift + Alt + 5--------> Notification Page Shift + Alt + 6--------> Account Settings Shift + Alt + 7--------> Privacy Settings Shift + Alt + 8--------> Facebook Fan Page Shift + Alt + 9--------> Facebook terms Shift + Alt + ?--------> Search Box Use shortcuts instead of using mouse everytime....